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Happy birthday, Ameliacostanza by jmkplover
Happy birthday, Ameliacostanza
Birthday gift for, her ponysona and her favorite ship couple. we all have come here to wish you a happy birthday. hope everyday is as great as today.
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Equestria Girls Doctor Who: The Valeyard by jmkplover
Equestria Girls Doctor Who: The Valeyard
commission 15 for…, one of the many enemies of the time lords from the doctor who series, this one is on a personal level. 

"there is some evil in all of us doctor, even you. the valeyard is an amalgamation of the darker sides of your nature. somewhere between your twelfth and final incarnation. and I must say you do not improve with age."

says it all. the sixth doctor is the first to encounter him. he acts as the time lord prosecutor during the trial of a time lord .arrogant and angry, he won't stop until he kills the doctors and gains access to the nexus.
Equestria Girls Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor by jmkplover
Equestria Girls Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor
commission 14 for…, the thirteenth and (as of 2016) most current timelord of the doctor who series. expect updates as soon as they happen.

the twelfth and first of a new regeneration cycle, this doctor is free from the guilt and sorrow the past doctors have chained together. as such he is detached from emotions. consequently, he comes across as unpleasant, brutally honest and almost exclusively serious minded. however, he has a warmer side to him, though in the interest of time he often dispenses with pleasantries. time will tell how he fares in comparison to the past doctors.

somewhere between now and the final doctor (whenever the hell that is), the valeyard will take form to plague the doctors.

let the countdown begin...
Equestria Girls Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor by jmkplover
Equestria Girls Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor
commission 13 for…, the twelfth incarnation of the timelords from the doctor who series.

as the final doctor of the original regeneration cycle, the eleventh doctor has proven to be the most unpredictable and eccentric of all the doctors. "a madman with a box." as he once described himself, though others use the moniker the baby-faced braniac. at times, he has demonstrated a childlike and energetic demeanour , even in the face of his enemies, seemingly disregarding danger, yet when he confronts his enemies, he has shown to be cold, calculating and even ruthless. he was the primary enemy of the silence and has had a terrible history with the horrid weeping angels, losing his two friends amy pond and her husband rory Williams. he is married to their daughter, river song. he is also married to marilyn monroe, allegedly by accident.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
notice: struggling traditional artist needs work. and a life. tools of the trade: drugs and bodily fluid. am prone to violent bursts of break dancing. quick witted and slow minded. will preform most sexual acts for recognition and for the hell of it.
yeah, i'm a christian whose got a sick sense of humor. deal with it. i don't judge. why should you?

Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte PAIR ALL OF THE SHIPPINGS by endler What's that? You hate my OTP? by The-Clockwork-Crow California Deviants Stamp by unicorn-catcher'I Love Hugh Jackman' Stamp by LizzieyWolverine .:Vertical Stamp:. by RejektedAngel MLP Gen 1 stamp by AwesomeLurker
Just got back from seeing The Conjuring 2. While it's not the scariest horror movie I've ever seen (that honor goes to Paranormal Activity... that movie fucked with me so badly... *shudder*), it was still pretty damn good. Not "keep me up at night" cool, but it was very enjoyable. For those of you who didn't see the first (like me) and want to see this one but feel you won't know who the main characters are... don't worry. There's plenty of exposition to get you caught up.

Plot: following the events of the Perron family haunting (The Conjuring) and The Amityville Horror, husband and wife paranormal investigator team Ed and Lorraine Warren are reluctantly called to Enfield, England when reports of 11 year old Janet Hodgson being possessed and terrorized by a powerful demon reaches them. With portends of her husband's death looming over her, Lorraine agrees to go on the condition that if this case proves real, they leave immediately. What follows is the most controversial, documented and frightening case ever recorded.

On a non-related subject, we just had an earthquake!
  • Listening to: red hot chili peppers
  • Reading: Iron man: demon in a bottle
  • Watching: hentai... yes, I do that
  • Playing: Super Mario Bros 3
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water... because it's freakin' summer

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